Sunday, 5 December 2010

Book ~ "Talk Me Down" (2009) Victoria Dahl

From Amazon ~ Beautiful Molly Jennings, secretly an erotica author, returns to her hometown of Tumble Creek, Colo., and finds her desire for handsome police chief Ben Lawson hasn't waned during her 10-year absence. Ben can't deny the chemistry but he fears gossip and vows to remain hands-off until Molly explains just how she earns a living. Snoopy questions from a journalist, stalker-like behavior from Molly's ex and a series of disconcerting incidents lead Ben to decide that Molly's safety is paramount, even if that means very personally protecting her. Despite some lingering questions, Dahl smartly wraps up a winning tale full of endearing oddballs, light mystery and plenty of innuendo and passion.

The last couple books I've read were filled with the CIA and FBI so I was looking for something light and fluffy to read ... and this fit the bill.

I enjoyed the writing style ... it was fast and light. Molly and Ben seemed likable as characters.

I thought Molly's assumption that Ben would be less than understanding about her occupation was immature ... she assumed he would kick her to the curb. They are in their late 20s, experienced and enjoy each other's company a lot and often. So I didn't get why Molly feared Ben's reaction.

The author's attempt at the stalker scenario was feeble and I wasn't buying it.

This is the first of this author's books that I've read. I'd try another one because of the writing style, not because of the storyline.

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