Thursday 9 October 2008

Knit Cafe

KC and I took a walk this morning along Queen Street W.

As a knitter, The Knit Cafe (Queen W between Dovercourt/Ossington) caught my eye because of their fun window display.

Do you recognize any of these Toronto landmarks?

Trinity Bellwoods Gates
(um ... kinda looks like what you'd buy at Come As You Are)

The Knit Cafe has a great selection of wools with lovely textures and vibrant colours.

There are lots of knitting and crocheting classes ... I may check out the beginner crochet ones.


NaturePlanet said...


Thanks for congratulations my honey!


Teresa said...

Wow, some people can knit. Always wanted to learn myself. I can only do the basic stitch, but would love to know how to make something other than a scarf.

Isabel said...

Look at all that yarn!!!!! I'm jealous. And one those pictures looks kind of naughty. lol