Tuesday 28 October 2008

Ontario limits car phone use

Legislation due today would impose fines and demerit points for use of gadgets at wheel

Using hand-held electronic gadgets while driving would be against the law in Ontario under legislation to be introduced today.

Drivers caught emailing, texting or yapping on hand-held devices such as cellphones or BlackBerrys, or using hand-held global positioning systems would face fines and demerit points, a well-placed government source told the Star.

However, drivers using cellphones with earpieces or Bluetooth devices to carry on conversations, or using a dashboard-mounted GPS would have nothing to fear under the bill developed over the past six months by Transportation Minister Jim Bradley.

You can read the rest of the Toronto Star article here.

I have a cell phone (that I rarely use while driving) so I totally support this and hope it goes through. It's about time!

There are a lot of lousy drivers out there ... and guess what is stuck to their ears?! Yep, a cell phone!

Do you agree with this ban?


Anonymous said...

YES!!!! Almost everytime someone drifts over into my lane or cuts me off or damn near sideswipes me they are on a cell phone..VERY dangerous..

Ed said...

It's about time this was acted on. Too many accidents happen because people are too busy talking on a cell phone and not watching what they are doing.

Jackie said...

A lot of states down here in America have begun to do the same thing.

My husband is a long haul truck driver and I can't begin to tell you how many times he has barely scraped by when some one swerved into his lane.

Many times they swerve while catching up to him in the other lane. They are on the phone and always come within inches of going under his trailer.

This is a good thing...every place should do it.

BTW...we have a few friends in common so I finally added you to my blog roll.

I don't always get to drop by when doing drops...so now I can visit when I want to!!:-)))