Sunday 5 October 2008

Nuit Blanche

From sunset at 6:52 pm on Saturday, October 4, to sunrise on Sunday, October 5, 2008, Toronto will be bustling with activity as thousands experience a free full night of contemporary art and performance in three zones across the city.

This is the third year for Nuit Blanche and I'd never been before. We live in Zone C and we checked out the Liberty Village area.

There were tons of people out. It was anticipated that about a million people would be discovering Nuit Blanche across the City!

Some of the exhibits I didn't understand ... huh?

Here are some of the things I did think were cool.

We caught the Christmas segment of SMASH! Droppin' Stuff. They dropped snow globes, a stuffed snowman (he didn't break obviously so they pulled his arms and legs off after he landed), a MAC computer and big Christmas candles. Then a couple destructors smashed the stuff on the ground with sledge hammers!

Yoko Ono's Imagine Peace encouraged everyone to write a wish for peace and then tie to it to a tree.

I didn't understand Euphemisms for the Intimate Enemy but thought it was cool.

We got to throw darts at I, the world, things, life.

Purified by Fire


Sniff, Lick, Pinch, Nibble, Swallow was composed of coconut on the ground. I swirled it though some people were tasting it. Um, no.

We left about 1:30, exhausted after walking around for almost three hours.


Lydia said...

That looks like an awesome event.. Very fun :)

Anonymous said...

hey just think that 3 hours would have burnt you a load if calories lol

looks cool. cant beleive people were tasting that coconut thing!

Anonymous said...

love to go there, teena! we were in toronto yesterday till 2am along Woodbine. oh my, bigtime miss for me! i love arts events like this!

i've read about it but i've totally forgotten!

Elizabeth said...

Very cool T. Was sorry to miss it, but now I feel as though I was there. Great post. :)

Rahul Mediratta said...

Nuit Blanche 2008 in Toronto, was a hit. Nearly 800,000 people took to the streets. Regretfully, the installations were rather disappointing. Amanta Scott invited visitors into a very warm and private space for 15 Minutes of Fame, featuring Karla Homolka's prison bed!! Into the Blue was an enormous, blue, ?turd'-shaped balloon.

More thoughts at:

Anonymous said...

liberty village was great

i started there at the very beginning and ended at yorkville at 7am

check out some cool pix i took: