Thursday 30 October 2008

Book ~ "Shoe Addicts Anonymous" (2008) Beth Harbison

From ~ This fiction debut of Harbison features four D.C.-area women who meet weekly to swap and chat about ... shoes. Trying to get a handle on her massive consumer debt, Lorna Rafferty posts an Internet ad looking to trade footwear with women who have good taste and wear size seven-and-a-half. A senator's trophy wife, Helene Zaharis, is dreaming of escaping her loveless marriage when she stumbles upon Lorna's post. Overweight phone sex operator Sandra Vanderslice struggles to overcome her agoraphobia long enough to attend the shoe meetings. After a few funny missteps, the threesome finds a fourth member, Joss Bowen, the nanny of a shrewish socialite's hellion boys. Joss couldn't care less about shoes but uses the group as a reason to get out of the house. Harbison does a fine job of showcasing how each woman is trapped ... Lorna by her debt, Helene by her marriage, Sandra by her self-image, Joss by her employment contract ... and how the fresh eyes of the group allow them to see themselves in a new light. Harbison creates vivid, convincing characters and handles them well. Reading this novel is like eating a slice of cake.

Like "eating a slice of cake"? Odd description. Anyway ...

This book was recommended by my pal, Jennifer. I'm not into shoes and I have been finding it hard lately to find good chick lit since all the heroines seem to be in their twenties ... I can't relate to them and their trials and tribulations.

The women in this book are in the thirties, approaching their forties, with life experiences. I cared about them and found them believable.

Definitely an enjoyable read if you are looking for something light.

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