Sunday 5 October 2008

Would you be a good spouse?

You Would Be a Good Spouse 85% of the Time

You have what it takes to be an amazing wife or husband.

You are caring, patient, giving, and romantic. You are willing to work for a marriage.

More than anything, you're not about to let your ego ruin a relationship.

You are humble and unselfish. And that's the key to being a good spouse.


Swordsman said...

Rumrunner is 85% too. persoally I think you are 100%

Swordsman said...

Rumrunner has to learn how to proof read!

Steve said...

too scared to take the test LOL
thanks for stopping by my place today

Anonymous said...

I only scored 45%. Guess that explains why I'm single :)

BTW, love the new fall layout!