Saturday 4 October 2008

What's Your Halloween Personality?

I saw this over at That Grrl ...

What Your Halloween Habits Say About You

The scariest thing on Halloween is you! You definitely don't want any kids in costumes crossing your path - and you're willing to scare away any who do.

You definitely think of yourself as someone who has a dark side. And part of having that dark side means not showing it.

Your inner child is open minded, playful, and adventurous.

You fear people taking advantage for you. You are always worried about protecting your own interests.

You're logical, rational, and not easily effected. Not a lot scares you... especially when it comes to the paranormal.

You are picky and high maintenance. If you wear a Halloween costume, it's only when you really feel like it. And it has to be perfect.

Gord and I aren't into Halloween. Yes, that night we will stay away until the rugrats trick or treaters are gone.

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Laura Brown said...

You don't seem quite that scary. I must be missing some of that hidden dark side.