Sunday 12 October 2008

Thanksgiving dinner

There are five full bellies here now!

We had our Thanksgiving turkey dinner this evening.

Here's ours ... dirty mashed potatoes, gravy (um ... from a can), stuffing (er ... from a box) and Butterball boneless turkey breast.

And the kids had a special meal too!

Turkey and giblets in gravy (um ... from packages).

Everything was delish!


Anonymous said...

Now what are dirty mashed potatoes??

Your meal sounds delish. I'm looking forward to our turkey day as well.

Maruth said...

My dogs are so jealous of your dogs right

Teena in Toronto said...

Dirty mashed potatoes is when you don't peel them and you mash 'em with the peelings. Plus you cook/mash 'em with fresh garlic. Yum!

Isabel said...

happy thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

Wait, you said "everything" was delish - you sampled the pets' dishes? Your plate does look delish!

Anonymous said...

still looks yummy to me even if most out of a tin!

i wondered what dirty mash was too! thanks for the explanation ha!