Thursday, 24 July 2008

We Are What We Do

I came across We Are What We Do today ...

Welcome to We Are What We Do, a new movement inspiring people to use their everyday actions to change the world. We're not talking moving big mountains. More of a gentle nudge from the corner desk. A little prod from the sofa. A gentle push from the PE room.

So go on then! Track an action, share, connect.

The idea behind We Are What We Do is pretty simple: small actions completed by a lot of people means big change. There's definitely power in numbers.

The site launched in 2004 with a list of 100 simple, everyday actions people can do to improve their health, environment and neighborhoods. And in the last four years, over 1.3 million actions have been completed! So what are these simple tasks? Everything from using just one energy-saving light bulb to planting a tree to smiling at (or hugging) someone to shutting down your computer properly. Doesn't seem too hard, right?

Here's my tracker so far:

Click here to join!


Anonymous said...

How about action 0: for blogsphere neighbourhoods - Like I visit you to say hello and good night ;-)

Anonymous said...

This is cool. A positive thing.