Thursday, 3 July 2008

Book ~ "Fearless Fourteen" (2008) Janet Evanovich

From ~ Personal vendettas, hidden treasure, and a monkey named Carl will send bounty hunter Stephanie Plum on her most explosive adventure yet.

The Crime: Armed robbery to the tune of nine million dollars
Dom Rizzi robbed a bank, stashed the money and did the time. His family couldn't be more proud. He always was the smart one.

The Cousin: Joe Morelli
Joe Morelli, Dom Rizzi and Dom's sister Loretta are cousins. Morelli is a cop, Rizzi robs banks, and Loretta is a single mother waiting tables at the firehouse. The all American family.

The Complications: Murder, kidnapping, destruction of personal property, and acid reflux
Less than a week after Dom's release from prison, Joe Morelli has shadowy figures breaking into his house and dying in his basement. He's getting threatening messages, Loretta is kidnapped, and Dom is missing.

The Catastrophe: Moonman
Morelli hires Walter "Mooner" Dunphy, stoner and "inventor" turned crime-fighter to protect his house. Morelli can't afford a lot on a cop's salary and Mooner will work for potatoes.

The Cupcake: Stephanie Plum
Stephanie and Morelli have a long-standing relationship that involves sex, affection and driving each other nuts. She's a bond enforcement agent with more luck than talent and she's involved in this bank-robbery-gone-bad disaster from day one.

The Crisis: A favor for Ranger
Security expert Carlos Manoso, street name Ranger, has a job for Stephanie that will involve night-work. Morelli has his own ideas regarding Stephanie's evening activities.

The Conclusion: Only the fearless should read fourteen
Thrills, chills and possible incontinence may result.

This is Evanovich's 14th in the Stephanie Plum series.

Although there was an array of wacky characters, alas there was just a brief time with Grandma Masur and Stephanie's parents. Thankfully Stephanie's sister and her family weren't there. I thought the subplot with Lula and Tank getting engaged dumb and Brenda was annoying.

Not a lot of substance to this book but good if you are looking for something mindless and a quick read.

I'm wondering if Evanovich is getting tired and bored.


Isabel said...

I've only read the first two books. I love grandma masur!

Michelle said...

I'm totally hooked on the Stephanie Plum series!! :)