Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Book ~ "Sugar Daddy" (2007) Lisa Kleypas

From Amazon.com ~ Money is tight while Liberty Jones is growing up in Welcome, Texas, but somehow she and her mother Diana manage. Having good friends like Miss Marva, Lucy Reyes, and especially Hardy Cates, on whom Liberty has a crush, helps. Then tragedy strikes and Liberty must take care of her younger sister and find a way to support them. Hard work and determination get Liberty through cosmetology school, then, while working in a Houston salon, she meets wealthy older businessman Churchill Travis, who offers her a job as his personal assistant. At first Liberty is reluctant to accept, especially since Churchill's son, Gage, seems to think she's a gold digger. Then, just as Liberty is settling into her new life and her initially frosty relationship with Gage is heating up and turning romantic, Hardy Cates, her first unrequited love, reappears. New York Times best-seller and RITA Award winner Kleypas moves from historical romance into contemporary women's fiction with an emotionally compelling and superbly satisfying tale of family, friendship, hope, and love.

The story itself was okay, though I found it spent way too much time on Liberty's teen crush of Hardy. I know it was setting us up for their eventual meeting years later. But what does a 15 year old know about life and love?! Yet Liberty carried the memory of Hardy with her until her mid-20s.

The writing style was fast and enjoyable, though weirdly descriptive at times.

Would I recommend it? Though I don't usually read romances, yes. Especially if you are looking for a fairly light read.


Anonymous said...

I love romantic books, but I never found a good one!

You mentioned a 15-year old doesn't know anything about love/life. Maybe.. But I think, in real life, (not the fictional world), it depends on the person :)

Isabel said...

I want to read this one. I think it just came out in paper back. woo hoo!

Mom Knows Everything said...

I love historical romance books!