Friday, 25 July 2008

Television Without Pity

If you miss any of your favourite shows, you may want to check out Television Without Pity.

Fun, and often sarcastic, episode recaps of over 175 of TV's best (and worst) shows. Keep up on what's going down on the tube. delivers exactly what its name promises: detailed recaps of TV dramas, sitcoms and reality shows in an admittedly biased and snarky way. Ease into the site by reading a "weecap," (a shorter recap composed in real time as the reviewer's watching the show), then go for the full length, real deal summaries to get the whole story on your favorite episodes.

Try out several different recaps to get a feel for each reviewer's writing style (some get to the point a little quicker than others, but might not be as funny). Or head to the Forums to discuss an episode or show with other Television Without Pity users.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

With a website like that, I won't have to actually watch TV. I'll just read the recaps :)