Thursday, 10 July 2008

Metro Hall farmers' market

There is a farmers' market every Thursday at Metro Hall Square along with entertainment.

We knew Gord would be there at lunchtime so KC and I walked downtown to surprise him.

KC has to sniff everything so it took us over an hour (it's a 30 minute walk for Gord and I) to get there. It worked out well as Gord was just coming out of his building.

The entertainment today was a blues singer named Harrison Kennedy. He was good!

There's Gord!

There were some fries under the table next to us that KC had to have ... but I wouldn't let her have any. But she was determined!

There were lots of vendors selling veggies, fruit, cheese, honey, bagels, flowers, etc.


It's a nice place to spend some time!

Gord had to go back to work and KC and I took the streetcar home.

KC has been sleeping and snoring since we got home. It was quite an adventure for her!


Mom Knows Everything said...

Those strawberries look good! We haven't had any this year yet.

Isabel said...

The flowers look really pretty.

Sarah said...

Gord must have been happily surprised to see you. It looks like a fun place to spend your lunch break. The strawberries did look good - I love strawberries!