Thursday 31 July 2008

Book ~ "The Ex-Debutante" (2008) Linda Francis Lee

From ~ Coming out in Willow Creek, TX, society has its snags. At her own debut, Carlisle Wainwright Cushing failed to execute the Texas Dip — a deep full curtsy where a girl sinks so low that she touches her forehead to her skirt — properly. Now almost 30 and a successful Boston divorce attorney, Carlisle is summoned home to represent her diva mom, Ridgely, in her latest divorce. Carlisle is also asked to rescue the troubled Hundredth Annual Willow Creek Symphony Association Debutante Ball and to teach seven iffy debs-to-be the Texas Dip. But the attorney representing her mother's soon-to-be-ex is Carlisle's old heart-throb, the former bad boy, Jack Blair, who is the brother of the ultra rich Hunter Blair and father to India, a spoiled deb-to-be. Can Carlisle deal with all the challenges while allowing her renewed feelings for Jack to come out? Lee depicts Carlisle and the antiquated debutante tradition with equal parts chagrin and tenderness.

Ridgely is a cow.

Carlisle is a wimp.

The whole concept of the rich and debs was dumb.

But I continued to the end because I enjoyed the writing style.

I'm not a big fan of romance novels but will probably check out another of Lee's books because of the writing style.


Mom Knows Everything said...

I have a link for a website for Canadian bloggers and they you pick out a book and they send it to your for free and you review it on your blog. Let me know if you're interested.

kathyj333 said...

Hey thanks for visiting my blog.

I like to read, too. I also am not a big fan of romance novels. But sometimes they can be fun.