Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Toronto Blue Jays 2, Tampa Bay Rays 3

Gord and I went to this afternoon's Toronto Blue Jays game. Because it had been pouring rain earlier, the dome was closed.

We were in the cheap seats ... $9 in the 500 section.

Alas, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays won 3 to 2. It was a good game.

Because it was a 12:35 start, it was "camp" day and there were tons and tons and tons of kids there. We were surrounded by kids, going up and down the stairs continously to the bathroom. So we moved a few times.
Alex Rios

Lyle Overbay

Look at the buses lined up waiting to take the kids home afterwards!

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Sarah said...

You took some cool pix of the game. There sure were a lot of buses there.