Sunday, 27 May 2007

Second Annual Chillin' Chicks' Weekend - Sunday

When I woke up this morning, I walked down to Sturgeon Lake ... about five minutes away ... even though it was raining. I stood in the lake ... it wasn't that cold. Then Franca and I took Misty and Taffy, Ron and Deb's dogs down to the lake for a walk.

After a delicious breakfast made by Ron and Smitty, we went to Bobcaygeon to check out the 25,000 pairs of shoes at Bingley's Shoes.

Then we went to the Kawartha Dairy in Bobcaygeon for an ice cream. As usual, I got maple walnut. Very yummy!

Franca, Deb, Teena and Liz
The Chillin' Chicks

Deb, Franca, Liz and Teena

Teena, Julie, Liz and Franca
Last weekend I kissed a dead frozen cod ...
This weekend I hugged a fake cow!

The Chillin' Chicks are celebrating 15 years of friendship this year. There's nothing better than having good friends!

Our plan is when Liz turns 40, the four of us are going to go on a big trip! So that gives us four years to save $$ and lose weight. Ha!


Fleur de Lisa said...

This looks like a fantastic weekend! You girls must be having a blast.

Isabel said...

I can't see the pictures. All I see are red little x's.

Wow 15 years! That's awesome you all are still close. :)

Isabel said...

Now I see them. Very nice. :)

Anonymous said...

Heyyyy!!! I don't know about math and all, I know I only work in the financial services industry, but since I only moved to Toronto in 1996, doesn't that make it something closer to 11 years? Geez, you guys are trying so hard to push me 4 years ahead to my 40ies so we can take that big trip. Slow down already! I'll get there in good time. Quit rushin' me! I still have 4 years to be proud of my 30ies and I plan to use 'em! ;)