Monday 7 May 2007

Book ~ "Ninja Soccer Moms" - Jennifer Apodaca (2005)

From ~ Sports moms waiting for practice to end will enjoy the third entry in Apodaca's series starring Samantha Shaw, amateur sleuth and owner of Heart Mates, her "beloved and struggling dating service" in Lake Elsinore, CA. When her friend, Janie Tuggle, tells her that ex-husband, Chad, the head coach of the Soccer Club of Lake Elsinore (SCOLE), has been embezzling funds, Sam is anxious to help. Janie should know since she managed the club's accounts for years, until Chad left her for a younger woman. No sooner does Sam manage to copy the disk with SCOLE's accounts than Chad is murdered in his office and Sam and Janie become prime suspects. A number of potential allies stonewall or even hinder Sam's investigation. Now why on earth would they do that? The tension grows as Sam zeroes in on the killer.

I've caught up and read the books in order ... it looks like I just have the last one to read.

I like Apodaca's writing style. It's funny and action-packed. Sam's lack of confidence yet again in this book with her relationship with Gabe is getting old, though.

I'd definitely recommend this series if you like mysteries/comedies.

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Hmmm that sounds like a neat book to read