Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Book ~ "Bet Me" - Jennifer Crusie (2004)

From ~ Thirty-three-year-old Minerva Dobbs is annoyed when her boyfriend dumps her three weeks before her sisters' wedding. But she's downright furious a few moments later when she overhears her now "ex" boyfriend bet hunky Calvin Morrisey that he can't take her home and bed her. In fact, she's so angry at them both that she lets Cal take her to dinner and decides to string him along until after her sisters' wedding.

Minerva pegs Cal as a handsome "used car salesman of seducers." Cal thinks Minerva is a "cranky, starving, risk-averse statistician." But Minerva's hormones keep whispering "this one," although she knows the gorgeous Cal isn't the man for her practical, white-cotton-bra, several-pounds-over-thin self. And Cal is blindsided by the lust he feels for the voluptuous, sensual woman he glimpses behind Min's actuary exterior.

While Cal and Min struggle to deal with their mutual distrust and attraction, their friends and families try their best to interfere and direct the progression of the unlikely romantic connection.

This wasn't a deep story ... definitely a light read. But after the heavier mysteries I've been reading the last couple weeks, it was a nice change.

I enjoyed the writing style for the most part ... fast and sarcastic. Her mother's constant nagging about her weight got old very quickly, though.

So if you are looking for something fluffy to read, I'd recommend it.

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