Saturday, 12 May 2007

Better Safe than Sorry

I was coming back from walking KC and noticed that the terrace door of one of my neighbours, Bo, was open. Bo, an older woman, is in Europe for six weeks. I rang her doorbell but there was no answer.

I called the police.

I rang the doorbells of our neighbours to see if they knew what was going on. Grant was the only neighbour home. There had been an attempted break-in last month of one of our neighbours and cars in our parking lot are getting broken into.

The police came by to investigate. They jumped onto the terrace and went through the door. Imagine their surprise (and Bo's) because Bo was home ... she was vacumming in her in nightgown. Freaked her out!

Bo has discovered that she needs knee surgery so has put her trip off for a while.

The police officer said I did the right thing. And Bo was happy that her neighbours are looking out for her.

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Arlene said...

Luckily, this is a funny story, and not one that ended with half of her stuff gone! Good job calling the police! It's always a good thing for neighbors to watch out for each other!