Sunday 6 May 2007

Training log

The Running Room has a free training log once you log into their site.

I just checked it out and it's cool. You can track everything from what you did for exercise (plus time/distance) to the shoes you wore (so you know when to get new ones) to the weather, etc.

After inputting my exercise info since May 1, I can see that I've walked 8 hours, 20 minutes, and have spent 2 hours on the elliptical.


Jay said...

You're logging some serious hours!

longspider said...

*phhhh* I am sooo not a runner... love to walk and hike, though!

Thanks for stopping by the other day!

MonicaH said...

Hi Teena,

I have done the Running Room clinic twice and found it really helped. The 2nd time I took it I was able to run the 5km without stopping and was in the 'zone' which is pretty amazing I must say. Mark just did the Yonge St 10K which was on Sunday. There were over 8,000 runners in it. One day you'll be able to do that too. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm I'll check this out when I feel like walking or hiking. Gosh I've been lazy for quite some time