Saturday 5 May 2007

Canada's Wonderland, Toronto, ON

Canada's Wonderland opens tomorrow.

Canada's Wonderland is Canada's premier theme park and features over 200 attractions, more than 60 thrilling rides, North America's greatest variety of roller coasters, and Splash Works, a 20-acre water park.

Today it was open for employees of the company I work for. We hadn't been in years. It was great because the lines for the rides weren't all that long.

I don't like scary rides. I'm a big chicken! We went on a couple Moderate Thrill Rides:
  • Spinovator - In playfully designed, two-seater baskets, Spinovator will spin riders into a twirling frenzy of unstoppable giggles.
  • Swings of the Century - Soar through the air on the high-flying Swings of the Century; an attraction ideal for the whole family.
But the Swings scared me! I kept my eyes closed through most of it! Never again! But at least I tried it.
At the end of the Spinovator ride

Gord went on some Aggressive Thrill Rides:

  • Drop Zone - Riders sit on a high-speed transport lift that travels over 16 feet per second, 230 feet in the air. At the top of the tower, guests have but moments to take in the panoramic view of the Park before it registers that what goes up must come down. Free falling at more than 100km/h, 23 stories flash by as the ground races up and catches riders in a silent, smooth stop.
  • Top Gun - Top Gun is Canada's only inverted looping jet coaster. This mega coaster simulates flight with speeds of 90km/h, exhilarating 90-degree vertical climbs, barrel rolls, inverted wing loopovers, a 270-degree after burn and a complete snap roll over. Riders take flight in a fully open cockpit suspended beneath the coaster's steel track as the sky races below.
  • The Mighty Canadian Minebuster - The Mighty Canadian Minebuster is the largest and longest wooden coaster in Canada. Its immense wooden track is full of side-winding turns, stomach lifting camel humps and breath-taking drops. The Minebuster reaches astounding speeds of more than 90km/h on its 4000 feet of serpentine designed track.

I waited in line with him and held his hat when he was on the rides. That was daring enough for me :)

Getting ready on the Drop Zone
Up he goes ...
And there he is ... waaaaaay up at the top!
Getting psyched on Top Gun
And on Minebuster
You'll be screaming in a few seconds!
There is a stream running through the park with thousands of koi trying to swim upstream.
It was a fun day!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Wonderland ... :) Too fun! Though I'm pretty scared of the big rides myself. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

WOw that is sooo nice! I always wanted to ride those kind of rides. Wonderful photos!

Em said...

I'm with you, I do not like the scary rides. It would be my job to hold the snacks while my wife and kids rode every ride in the place.

Jay said...

Glad you had so much fun!
We went last year for my birthday (although it certainly wasn't what I would have chosen) and it poured rain, thundered and lightning the whole time. The rides kept closing down and we were miserable in our sopping clothes. I don't like the big rides either. I just stay on the ground and watch.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE roller coasters and the Drop Zone, and, and, and :)

I haven't been to Wonderland in about 4 years :(

Looks like you had a blast!

Nancy said...

Oh...I used to love that stuff...NOW I can't stomach it! but I DID like seeing your!


Jodi_Lee said...

I've been there! The thing I remember the most was when we were leaving, we were stuck in traffic for over an hour or the parking lot!!

Isabel said...

I love roller coasters but i hate drop zone.

Looks like you had a lot of fun. Love the pics

~ames~ said...

I'm coming to Toronto at the end of June, and I was planning on visiting Canada's Wonderland. Woohoo! Looks like fun. :P