Friday, 4 May 2007

Book ~ "Dying to Meet You" - Jennifer Apodaca (2004)

From ~ The owner of Heart Mates dating service and single mother of two, Samatha Shaw, is back for more amateur sleuthing in the small town of Lake Elsinore, CA. To promote her business, Sam hires former Heart Mates client and graphic artist, Faye Miller, to design a brochure. But when Sam stops by the motel where Faye is temporarily residing (after leaving her husband), Sam finds Faye dead at her computer table, the "glossy brochure stuck up like a flag in her loose fingers." The victim's meek and mild estranged husband emerges as the main suspect but the more Sam delves into Faye's dating history, the more complicated the murder investigation becomes. A newspaper campaign against her dating service doesn't help matters, nor does she entirely welcome the assistance of gorgeous hunk and ex-cop, Gabe Pulizzi. Sam bumbles along good-humoredly and determinedly, until the plot reaches its knock-down, smashing climax.

My second Samantha Shaw mystery this week. I'm reading them in order ... one more and I'll have caught up to the first one I'd read, which is the last one in the series.

This one was also good. I had things figured out before the end. The revealing of "who dunnit" was a bit over the top but the rest of the book was good.

Yes, I'd recommend it!

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