Friday 20 October 2006

Toronto Argos 9, Saskatchewan Roughriders 13

Gord and I went to the football game tonight ... Toronto Argos versus Saskatchewan Roughriders. Alas, we lost.

Rather than sit in the stands, we instead watched it from Sightlines, a buffet restaurant that overlooks the field. The food was good (I ate waaay too much) and the staff was amazingly friendly. The manager, Jason, came over a few times to make sure that everything was okay and remembered our names (very impressive considering the place was packed).

Towards the end, I had a peach and discovered it was rotten. I casually mentioned it to Anna Mae, our server, and the next thing I know Jason came over apologizing and deducted the cost my meal off our bill ($35).

Though I don't understand football (I find it a very confusing game), we had a fun night!


Lynn said...

You had a night out!
I don't understand the whole of any game, but I love being a spectator at a stadium. I could not give two hoots about watching any game on TV. For me its the sadium or nothin baby.

Musings of a Housewife said...

Great picture! Looks like fun, even if you don't understand the game. I'm with ya. I don't get football.