Friday, 20 October 2006

Toronto Argos 9, Saskatchewan Roughriders 13

Gord and I went to the football game tonight ... Toronto Argos versus Saskatchewan Roughriders. Alas, we lost.

Rather than sit in the stands, we instead watched it from Sightlines, a buffet restaurant that overlooks the field. The food was good (I ate waaay too much) and the staff was amazingly friendly. The manager, Jason, came over a few times to make sure that everything was okay and remembered our names (very impressive considering the place was packed).

Towards the end, I had a peach and discovered it was rotten. I casually mentioned it to Anna Mae, our server, and the next thing I know Jason came over apologizing and deducted the cost my meal off our bill ($35).

Though I don't understand football (I find it a very confusing game), we had a fun night!


Lynn said...

You had a night out!
I don't understand the whole of any game, but I love being a spectator at a stadium. I could not give two hoots about watching any game on TV. For me its the sadium or nothin baby.

dcrmom said...

Great picture! Looks like fun, even if you don't understand the game. I'm with ya. I don't get football.