Thursday 19 October 2006

Designing workshop

I'm in a workshop today and tomorrow called How to Design Newsletters, Brochures, Ads, Catalogs, Reports, Proposals, Presentation Materials and More! I work for a small company and designing these things is part of my job.

It's being held at a hotel not far from home but that isn't downtown. It's hard to get to if you don't have a car. On a nice day it would be a great place to be because it's just across the street from Sunnyside Beach.

So far, I have been very disappointed. David, the instructor, obviously knows his stuff but he is spending most of the time giving us detailed explanations on how to use Photoshop. Keep in mind that we don't have access to computers and 80% of us don't even use this program.

The only place for lunch was a $15 buffet at the hotel with two choices (which I heard was crappy). Instead I jumped in the car and headed out.

The first hour tomorrow is going to be spent learning more about Photoshop. I told him I'd be there at 10:15am, after that part was over. That would be a waste of my time.

What about the use of colours? Fonts? White spaces? And all the other stuff they promised? That's what I wanna learn about about!

It's $500 for two days ... not cheap. If tomorrow sucks as much as today did, I'll be asking for my $$ back. Most of the people in the workshop feel the same way.

Friday update: Today sucked too (he spent sooooo much time teaching Photoshop and rushed at the end through the stuff he was supposed to teach) so I'll be asking for my $$ back.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

That seems like a really HIGH fee for something...! I don't have anything to go by except people teaching Acting classes and such....but this does seem like a lot to me...And to not get what you signed up for....Well, I don't blame you if after tomorrow you still haven't gotten what they promised..., I too would ask for at least some of my money back....!
Nothing is easy is it? UGH!

Anonymous said...

You'd probably do a lot better signing up for a $100 local class at night in a high school or something--$500 is ridiculous for that sort of class.

I really doubt this guy will give you your money back--can't imagine...well, it depends. If he's Canadian he might; if he's American forget about it. :O