Monday, 30 October 2006

Book ~ "The Pistol Poets" - Victor Gischler (2005)

From ~ An unlucky grad student just got himself killed in a robbery gone bad. And as lowly drug lieutenant, Harold Jenks, races with the killer out of the alley, a light goes off in his head: He’ll steal the dead kid’s identity. Now Jenks, who once lorded it over seven square blocks in East St. Louis, is headed due west. With a .32 in his pocket, a 9mm Glock taped across his back, and a rap sheet nearly as long as Finnegans Wake, he’s cruising the halls of academia as Eastern Oklahoma U’s newest grad student, looking for action and hoping he can stay one couplet ahead of his violent past.

While this new bad boy on campus makes mincemeat of his metaphors, across campus visiting professor, Jay Morgan, has a more pressing problem: What to do about the dead coed in his bed.

Featuring the sleaziest, sorriest, and most captivating group of criminal lowlifes, sexed-up academics, poets, and rappers ever to collide in one crime novel, The Pistol Poets speeds deliriously to its electrifying payoff.

I'd never heard of this author but the book grabbed my attention when I saw it. Rather than blogging the last couple of days, I've been reading. It's a fun fast-paced book! I'll definitely be looking for others by this author.


Lisa said...

Looks interesting! I need to give up on the book I'm on and move on to something else more interesting too.

Teena said...

If a book doesn't grab me in the first couple chapters, I move on. Next!!