Monday 9 October 2006

Thanksgiving Day

Gord has to work three statutory holidays every year and today was his last one this year. While he was working, I was busy at home cleaning the oven (it needed it!), laundry, etc.

We had warmer than usual temperatures today (a high of 21C) so Gord and I met at the Foggy Dew for what is probably our last drinks on a patio until late next spring/early next summer. The temperature is supposed to go back to normal (12C) tomorrow.

Gord at the Foggy Dew

Teena at the Foggy Dew

Gord and Teena at the Wheat Sheaf

We got home around 6:00 and discovered one station was showing all the shows from the original Survivor. I'd never seen them so we watched them from 6:00 onwards (five shows including the two hour finale). Though I'm a fan, that's a lot of Survivor!


Anonymous said...

LOL I watched that tooo!
Plunked myself in front of the tv with a dozen newspapers and magazines and watched all the survivor..I did see it the first time around..gotta love that Rudy!

Teena in Toronto said...

We are easier amused :) I just started watching it in 2002 so missed the season that started it all. Rudy was a hoot!

Isabel said...

I liked Rudy. Ha ha. I wish he won instead.

Jay said...

Oh I know, the end of patio weather = heartbreak.

p.s Gord is a cutie!