Friday 13 October 2006

Beef Tenderloin in a Herb Bread Wrap

Gord loves to cook and I love that he loves to cook! For supper tonight, he made Beef Tenderloin (though we used a cross rib roast) in a Herb Bread Wrap. It was a new recipe he was trying.

Brown the roast.

Cover the roast with mustard when it cools.

Mix eggs, spices, garlic and whipping cream together and dip slices of bread in it.
Cover the roast with the bread.
Then wrap it in parchment paper and bake.

Sounds wacky but it was delish!
Not a great pic of it but we wanted to eat it!

A well-deserved nap (notice how he is still hanging onto the remote, though!)
I'm not sure why KC is sleeping too ... she slept while Gord was making supper.


Lindsay said...


Isabel said...

That looks yummy! Send me some left overs k? Awww what a cute picture of KC and Gord.

Lynn said...

UMMMMM delicious!
I can smell it!

Season said...

That looks absolutely delicious!

Tracy said...

YUM ! I am totally hooked on all cooking shows and love all of the unique recipes - this looks like one I need to try.

Holly said...

OMGosh! That sounds (and looks) amazing. I'm sooo trying that out on MM. *g*