Friday, 7 April 2006

Ghost Tour of Toronto

We did a Single Horizons' event tonight ... the Ghost Tour by Genova Tours:

This tour starts at the Royal Ontario Museum. Toronto has hosts of ghosts, some that go back to the War of 1812 and some more recent. We’ll visit many sites where ghosts haunt as we journey through Trinity College, Soldiers Memorial, University College, over to Queen’s Park and the Toronto General Hospital, on to China Town, the Grange and then the area around the Old City Hall including Scadding house and Mackenzie House. You’ll hear ghost stories and learn about the history of Toronto.

Gord and I are both history buffs so love this kind of thing, especially when we learn more about Toronto. It was a very good tour and Bill, our guide, was full of stories and information. It was almost four hours so we learned a lot and got a good workout! I'm looking forward to doing more of Bill's tours.

Before we went on the tour, Gord, Kelly and I had supper at Gabby's on Bloor W. Though our waitress was good, the preparation of our meals was slow (30+ minutes!). The last time I was at this Gabby's, the service was overall wasn't good either. Needless to say, I won't be back.

After the tour, a few of us went to the Duke of Richmond for a drink and Bill told us some more stories. After that, Gord and I started walking home and stopped in at Tortilla Flats for some Texas Ice Tea and chilly nacho chips. Yummy!


Gone Home said...

I love all things ghostly!

Wha is Texas Iced Tea? Is it different from other iced tea?

Isabel said...

That sounds like an interesting tour. I would love to do one of those. Somehow I think Joey would have fun trying to scare me though.

Teena said...

A Texas Ice Tea is a triple New York Island Ice Tea in a huge glass. Tasty!

Gone Home said...

And a New York Island Ice Tea is...? :)

Teena said...

Long Island Ice Tea
1/2 ounce Vodka
1/2 ounce Gin
1/2 ounce White Rum
1/2 ounce Cointreau
1 ounce Lemon Juice
Top with Cola

In a big glass