Saturday, 1 April 2006

Millcroft Spa, Alton, ON

Gord and I have a tradition in that we don't buy each other anything for our birthdays. Instead, we treat each other to an afternoon at the spa. After the last two weeks, it was just what we needed!

Gord assumed we were heading to the Elmwood Spa. Instead I surprised him by taking him to the Millcroft Spa, which is in Alton (about 90 minutes NW of Toronto). What a lovely place! It's in the country and is a former mill. We were a bit early so had a glass of sparkling rosé in the dining room that overlooks a waterfall. Very nice :)
Before we started our spa services, we took a quick a dip in the pool and hot tub. We discovered there was another hot tub outside so spent more time there. It wasn't an overly warm day and the hot tub was 99F.

We started off with a couple's massage (a 60 minute massage in the same room but with our own massage therapists). Then we moved on to a 45 minute scalp massage, which was followed by a pedicure. In honour of our new bathroom, I had my toes painted orange :)

We didn't want to leave the Inn so we had another glass of wine in the lounge before heading back to the city. We'd like to go back sometime and spend a weekend. But, alas, it's not a cheap place.

We stopped off at Kelsey's in Bolton for a late supper (thanks to Gord's mom and sister for giving us gift certificates for Christmas!).

My friend, Yvette, had a housewarming party so we stopped in for a bit. Both of us were exhausted from the last two weeks of condo repairs and were still feeling relaxed from the spa so we didn't stay long.


Isabel said...

Oh that sounds heavenly. Looks like you two are having a lovely time.

Teena in Toronto said...

It was great! We'll definitely go back. There were lots of trails in the woods so it would be nice to spend the morning hiking and then the afternoon in the spa.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Honey:}
From the fellow in the picture!

Teena in Toronto said...

You're welcome, Gord :)