Thursday 20 April 2006

Condo repairs update

So with our condo repairs that started on March 22, the windows are still left.

There was nothing done for a couple weeks. We still have a bunch of stuff in boxes that we'll put away once all the work is done. So we still aren't settled. But we love the new paint!

On Monday, they came in and measured our windows (we only have three) to fix the crappy job they had done on March 29. They put the metal plating in yesterday and were supposed to be back today to do the trim and touch up the paint. And then we'd be finally finished. No one showed up :(

So this is what our windows look like. The wooden sticks are holding the metal plating in (I'm assuming they have been glued on) and the sticks are acting as braces. From the outside, it looks like we are in jail. We're hoping to make bail soon ...


Sarah said...

It is looking like you are going to win the bet you told me about!
Love the yellow paint. It is bright and sunny; makes me feel happy.

Teena in Toronto said...

Yep! I won the $10 bet with our Super because he said all the work would be done by today. The painter still needs to come back on Monday.