Thursday 6 April 2006

Book ~ "Who Killed Marilyn Monroe" - Liz Evans (2002)

From ~ The Marilyn Monroe in question is a beach donkey and Grace Smith – too broke to be selective when it's a question of work – is called in by the donkey's owner, Drysdale, to investigate this bizarre crime. While doing so she finds herself inexorably drawn into the mystery surrounding the murder of a young woman, Tina, whose aunt lived in the house backing on to Drysdale's land. As the plot unfolds, it becomes clear that the murders of Marilyn and Tina are connected and that Grace has stumbled on a whole lot more than she bargained for.

I enjoyed Cue the Easter Bunny so wanted to read the rest in the series. As with the first one, it's was enjoyable ... a mystery with humorous writing.

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