Thursday 27 April 2006

Condo repairs update

So the sticks have disappeared from our windows and they were supposed to be back this week to finish the painting. And then we'd finally be done. Simple, right? Think again!

The builder has decided that they don't want to put the metal plating around everyone's windows. Too much work and too expensive to do all 180 units. Instead, they want to put fire resistant paint on wooden frames. But they have to test it ... and that will take four to six weeks.

We've told them to finish painting our trim (as it looks like crap!). They can come back and do whatever they have to do once they figure it out.

Keep in mind that we are heading into week six of what was supposed to be a three day job!

Sigh ....


Isabel said...

It's been 6 weeks already? They need to hurry along here. But the windows look nice.

Teena in Toronto said...

Yep, we're into Week Six now. With a bit of cleaning, the windows will be fine. I'd be just as happy if they left them alone.