Sunday 16 April 2006

Book ~ "Into Thin Air : A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster" - Jon Krakauer (1999)

From ~ Into Thin Air is a riveting first-hand account of a catastrophic expedition up Mount Everest. In March 1996, Outside magazine sent veteran journalist and seasoned climber, Jon Krakauer, on an expedition led by celebrated Everest guide, Rob Hall. Despite the expertise of Hall and the other leaders, by the end of summit day eight people were dead. Krakauer's book is at once the story of the ill-fated adventure and an analysis of the factors leading up to its tragic end. Written within months of the events it chronicles, Into Thin Air clearly evokes the majestic Everest landscape. As the journey up the mountain progresses, Krakauer puts it in context by recalling the triumphs and perils of other Everest trips throughout history. The author's own anguish over what happened on the mountain is palpable as he leads readers to ponder timeless questions.

Fascinating story! One that I probably wouldn't have looked for if my friend, Kim, hadn't just read it (so thanks, Kim!).

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