Wednesday 19 April 2006

Book ~ "JFK Is Missing!" - Liz Evans (2002)

From ~ Grace’s client, Henry Summerstone, has been blind for years. He has no idea of the name of the girl he’s trying to trace, what she looks like, where she lives and works. In fact, he’s not even sure that she’s missing. But he’s concerned about the whereabouts of the young jogger who talks to him on his solitary early morning walks, and he’s offering cash – an offer Grace finds hard to turn down. Before long, she’s got a lead on the girl – several leads as it turns out – though each time she gets close, Miss X slips away. Grace, however, is a girl who knows how to persevere and persevere she does, becoming entangled with squatters, invisible pigs, a twelve-year-old estate agent and the man of her dreams – who unfortunately seems to be the man of his wife’s dreams too ...

Another in the series of PI Grace Smith. As with the other two I've read, I enjoyed it. Evan's writing is funny and quick.


Holly said...

Invisable pigs? HAHAHA Sounds funny. I'll have to check the series out.

Have you read Evanovich's Plum series? I'm wondering if this is similar?

Teena in Toronto said...

Yes, Grace is like an English Stephanie Plum. That's the appeal to me as I love that series!