Sunday 25 September 2022

Scented Candle Making Workshop, Yummi, Toronto, ON

This afternoon Gord, Dawn (our pal, neighbour and fellow scented candle addict) and I did the scented candle making workshop at Yummi in the Distillery District.

Me, Gord and Dawn
Our supplies were at our stations

Caelen and Arieh were our instructors.

We were going to make and take home 2 larger scented candles and 6 votives.  We had 48 scents to choose from.

For my larger candles, I chose ...

The scent you use determines the size of the wick.

The scent oil is in the holders ... time to pour in the wax.

Time to start on our votives ... here are the instructions:

For our votives, I chose ...

There were lots of votive holders to choose from ...

Hard at work!


Gord, me and Dawn

It was a fun workshop and I'd recommend it!

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