Sunday 11 September 2022

Open Cribbage Tournament, Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 31 Mount Dennis, Toronto, ON

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 31 Mount Dennis (on Weston Road) had a cribbage tournament this afternoon and Gord and I were there.

We had a snack … Gord had an egg salad sandwich and I had a hot dog.

There were 58 teams and the top prize was $340! We were hoping to do better than we have in the past there (our best has been 4 wins/6 losses). And we did … we won 5 games and lost 5 games. Needless to say, though, we didn’t make it onto the winners board. But it was a fun afternoon.

There were two 50/50 draws and the prizes were $290 and $330. Alas, we didn’t win those … the same guy won both!!!!

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