Sunday 4 September 2022

Book ~ "The Cat Behavior Answer Book" (2022) Arden Moore

From Goodreads ~ Cats can be mysterious and can owners are eager to understand their behavior and learn how to strengthen the bond between cats and humans. 

In the revised 2nd edition of "The Cat Behavior Answer Book", pet expert Arden Moore answers the many questions cat owners have, from the practical aspects of training, feeding and caring to the puzzling aspects of behavior and communication. 

Do cats dream? What's the purpose of a cat's whiskers? How do I catproof my house? Why does my elderly cat howl at night? How can I train my cats not to jump upon the kitchen counter? Can I keep my cat from climbing the curtains? What's the best way to train a kitten to use the litter box? How can I eliminate the smell of cat urine? What's the best way to trim a cat's nails? Is it okay for my cat to eat grass? 

Arden Moore provides insightful answers to all these questions and many more, along with reassuring guidance on addressing the problems that can get in the way of living happily with a cat. The 2nd edition has been completely updated to reflect the most recent research and recommendations and redesigned in a larger, highly browsable format. 

I love reading books about animals and I love reading books about cats (I have two cats) so that's why this book caught my attention.

This book is broken into six sections:
  1. Feeling fine about being feline
  2. Communicating with your cat
  3. Kitty quirks and funny felines
  4. Thinking outside the box
  5. The basics of chowing and grooming
  6. The ins and outs of life with modern cats

I liked the format of this book.  In every section, there were questions asked (as if by a real person) and then the author would respond in a friendly conversational manner.  Plus there are random tidbits of information in boxes.  The book is fun and colourful and there are colourful pictures of cats throughout.  It's a good reference someone who is thinking about getting a cat but also for someone who has or has had cats in the past.

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