Sunday 25 August 2019

Beer, Bourbon & BBQ, Ontario Place, Toronto, ON

The third annual Beer, Bourbon & BBQ festival was happening this weekend at Ontario Place and Gord and I got tickets for today.

Fire up the BBQ & join us for a one of a kind, social summer experience featuring one of the most celebrated forms of cooking. Enjoy craft beers & bourbon cocktails while listening to live country music, line dancing & riding the mechanical bull!

We'd bought 2 - for - 1 tickets a couple weeks ago and paid about $8 each.  If you wanted drinks or food, you bought tickets.

There were things to do such as a mechanical bull, rope toss, axe throwing, Jenga, etc.

Gord played the rope toss

There were also some photo ops.

Gord and I
Gord and I

There was a band playing live music all afternoon along with line dancers.

Gord with the singer in the band

Gord did one of the line dancing lessons.

We got some food during the afternoon.  I started with some ribs from Fidel Gastros.  They were three for five tickets = $10 and were good.

Gord got a Torogrill Plate.  It was four tickets = $8 and Gord said it was really good.

I also got a Golden Corn Crushed Corndog ... 5 tickets = $10.  It was a weird combination but worked.

Gord got a Mexican Sweet Corn Parfait for four tickets = $8.  He said it was good.

We also got a chicken drumstick for a ticket = $1 each.  It was good.

It was a fun time and we look forward to next year!

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