Sunday 23 June 2019

Monster Jam, Scotiabank Area, Toronto, ON

Gord and I went to Monster Jam this afternoon.  It's our fourth time going and the first year at the Scotiabank Arena  It's LOUD and fun.

Our seats were in the first row in the middle.  There was a fair size crowd and lots of kids.

The drivers were:

The show started at 1pm and we got there about 12:30pm.  Before the show, Blake Granger was interviewed a couple seats away from us.

Fan favourite Bernard Lyght was also interviewed by his truck.

There were six competitions.  Rather than having a panel of judges picked from the audience, everyone was encouraged to log on and vote online.  This was much better because I found the panel of judges lame.

The first was racing and Monster Mutt Dalmatian won.

Next up was ATV racing.

The third competition was the two-wheel challenge, which El Toro Loco won.

Zombie flipped over and had to be towed to be repaired
Joe was okay

The fourth competition was the donut.

Monster Mutt Dalmation caught fire and was towed to be repaired

Speedster obstacle course was the fifth competition and El Toro Loco won.

The sixth and final competition was freestyle, which Max-D won.

El Toro Loco had to be towed
No fire ... just a big of smoke
Alien Invasion also had to be towed

The overall event champion was El Toro Loco with 30 points.

Having it at the Scotiabank Arena meant a smaller space for the drivers.  If it's there again, I'm not sure we'll go.

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