Saturday 8 June 2019

Kajama, Toronto, ON

This afternoon the Toronto alumni chapter of the university I graduated from (St. Francis Xavier University [St. F.X.] in Antigonish, NS).  Every year they organize an event on the tall ship, Kajama.

Kajama (pronounced 'Kai – ya – ma') was built at Nobiskrug shipyard in Rendsburg, Germany, and launched on July 26, 1930 under the name Wilfred. She was a three-masted cargo schooner. Captain Wilhem Wilckens was her owner and master and he operated from the homeport of Hamburg from 1930 until 1960.

In 1960, she was purchased by Captain Karl Asmussen of Egersund, Denmark. Captain Asmussen renamed the ship Kajama after his two sons and his wife: Kaywe, Jan and Maria. The ship continued to work under sail until the mid1970s, at which time the Asmussens converted her to a strictly motor-driven vessel.

Throughout the years from 1930 until 1998, Kajama traded general cargo. Her voyages went as far south as Balboa in Northwest Spain, throughout Western Europe, and Scandinavia, and above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway. In January 1999 after the passing of Captain Asmussen the previous year, Kajama was purchased by Great Lakes Schooner Company of Toronto. After preparation for sea she steamed to England, Azores and on to Toronto. Kajama underwent a major overhaul and restoration to her original profile in just over ten months.

We could board at 12:30pm, we set sail just after 1pm and we docked about 5pm.

We had a lot of rain in May and we're still seeing the effect in the harbour.

There was a DJ playing good tunes ... pop, country, East Coast, etc.

My Keith's, a beer from "back home" and my "X" ring  ...

And we were off ... we headed east and went around the Islands.

We hung out on the south side of the Islands.  It was sunny but chilly (about 22C) and windy and people were going downstairs to warm up.

Gord and I
Rachel and Keegan head up the Toronto alumni chapter
Gord made some new friends
?, Marc, Rachel, John, ? and Keegan
Rachel, John and Keegan head up the Toronto alumni chapter ...
Marc was the president of the Toronto chapter and
is now president of all the alumni chapters

We headed west around the Islands and headed east again.

You could by raffle tickets with the proceeds going to our alumni fund ... prizes included Toronto Argo tickets, Blue Jays tickets, St. F.X. swap, etc.  Keegan, Rachel, John and Marc drew names.  Alas, we didn't win.

Almost time to dock ...

Though it was a young crowd (recent grads), Gord and I had fun!

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Teresa said...

Looks like the perfect day for a sail.