Monday 10 June 2019

Book ~ "Best Friends Forever" (2018) Margot Hunt

From Goodreads ~ Kat Grant and Alice Campbell have a friendship forged in shared confidences and long lunches lubricated by expensive wine. Though they’re very different women - the artsy socialite and the struggling suburbanite - they’re each other’s rocks. But even rocks crumble under pressure. Like when Kat’s financier husband, Howard, plunges to his death from the second-floor balcony of their South Florida mansion. 

Howard was a jerk, a drunk, a bully and, police say, a murder victim. The questions begin piling up. Like why Kat has suddenly gone dark: no calls, no texts and no chance her wealthy family will let Alice see her. Why investigators are looking so hard in Alice’s direction. Who stands to get hurt next? And who is the cool liar - the masterful manipulator behind it all?

Alice and Todd are married, have two young children and Alice is a stay-at-home mom.  Their marriage hasn't been perfect, as they have always struggled financially.  Kat and Howard have been married for years and are wealthy.  She has an adult daughter from a previous relationship.  Kat and Howard also don't have a great marriage ... Howard's not a nice man.

A chance meeting at an airport brings Alice and Kat together.  Though they come from different backgrounds and circumstances, they become best friends when they get back home.  A couple years later, Howard is found dead, apparently falling off a balcony.  It's assumed it's accidental until a witness steps forward to say he saw Howard pushed and police look at Alice.  When Alice tries to contact Kat, she gets nothing.

This is the second book I've read by this author and I liked it.  It is written in first person perspective in Alice's voice.  The story bounces back and forth from the present to the past (it's noted at the beginning of the chapters) so everything is slowly revealed to us.  It's not until the end that we find out if Howard did, in fact, drunkenly fell off the balcony or was he murdered.  As a head's up, there is swearing and some violence.

I thought the characters were okay.  I found the friendship between Kat and Alice a bit odd.  Kat was rich and used to getting her way and it seemed that Alice gave in to her quite often ... and in return Alice didn't mind and accepted the finer expensive things that Kat provided.

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