Wednesday 2 January 2019

Be the Breath Meditation, Laya Spa & Yoga, Toronto, ON

Gord and I attended the lunchtime Be the Breath Meditation.

A 45 minute meditation session which includes some easy movements to create more comfort within the body. We'll practice 10 minutes of Pranayam (yogic breathwork) and lastly move into a 25 minute partially guided meditation focused on the breath. 

This 5 part series will be led by Alisa Donkers and will be on a sliding scale basis $7 - $15!

It was at Laya Spa & Yoga (Queen Street W/Ossington Avenue), which is in our 'hood, and led by Alisa.  Meditation and yoga are held in the building next door on the third floor.  We have attended other sessions by led by Alisa in the past.  There's one more left in the series (next Wednesday).

Another relaxing session ... thanks, Alisa!

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Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

I have been working on a home meditation practice, it is a work in progress.