Wednesday 10 October 2018

Book ~ "Everyday Hockey Heroes: Inspiring Stories On and Off the Ice" (2018) Bob McKenzie and Jim Lang

From Goodreads ~ An inspiring volume of stories about Canada’s most beloved sport - hockey - and the everyday heroes who embody the spirit of the game and help shape its future, from the pros who compete in NHL arenas to the dreamers and fans who play on backyard rinks.

What does hockey look like today in Canada? Who is changing the game? Canadian broadcasters Bob McKenzie and Jim Lang bring together players, from youth hockey to the NHL, and the people who support them to show us what hockey means to them.

Meet Philadelphia Flyer Wayne Simmonds and Paralympian gold medalist Greg Westlake, who wouldn’t be at the top of their sport without the never-ending support of their families and communities. See how they’re giving back to show young hockey hopefuls that anything is possible. Read about players like Ben Fanelli, who overcame catastrophic injury to keep playing the game he loved and is using his story as a platform to help others, or the renowned Canadian neurosurgeon Dr. Charles Tator, who is leading the charge to protect athletes from the dangers of brain trauma and concussion. From hockey commentators Andi Petrillo and Harnarayan Singh, who broke down barriers to be on air, to Karina Potvin, the youth hockey coach welcoming Syrian boys and girls to Canada by introducing them to our national pastime, these are the stories of everyday hockey heroes - those who defy the odds, advocate for inclusion, and champion the next generation of hockey.

From small-town rinks to big city arenas across the country, this collection celebrates everyone who loves our great game. Heartwarming and entertaining, "Everyday Hockey Heroes" is a must-read for every hockey fan. 

I'm not a big fan of hockey (I don't follow it but I go to the occasional game) but I do like reading stories about real people and that's why this book caught my eye.

This book is a collection of stories about people connected to hockey and most are Canadians ... players, reporters, coaches, doctors and referees.

The stories include:
  • Ben Fanelli, a player who had an on-ice head injury and ended up starting a foundation to help empower others with similar injuries
  • Craig Cunningham, a player who suffered an acute cardiac event moments before the opening face-off in a game and ended up having to have his leg amputated (he too established a foundation)
  • Hilary Knight, a female hockey player on Team USA who took a stand and demanded the equal rights afforded the male players
  • Harnarayan Singh, an East Indian hockey fan who fulfilled his dream of broadcasting and hosting Hockey Night Punjabi
  • Brock McGillis, the first professional hockey player to openly come out as gay
  • Kevin Brown, a referee whose throat was cut during a fight between two hockey players in a game, which caused a stroke
Though I'd never heard of anyone discussed in this book, I found the stories inspirational.  I liked the writing style and found there was just enough enough information.  After I read a story, I sometimes Googled the person to find out more information and see where they are today.

Hockey fans will enjoy this book.  Non-fans (like me) will also like this book and it deals with real people.

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