Sunday 21 October 2018

Book ~ "Be Prepared!" (2018) Frankie MacDonald and Sarah Sawler

From Goodreads ~ Ever wonder where clouds come from? Or how meteorologists predict the weather? This brand new book, starring Nova Scotia's favourite weather reporter, Frankie MacDonald, and written by author Sarah Sawler, shares stories from Frankie's early years, along with facts about all things sunny, rainy, snowy, and stormy. Filled with pictures, graphics, and advice from Frankie himself, this book has everything you need to Be Prepared! 

Frankie MacDonald is a Canadian amateur weatherman in Sydney, NS.  He has autism and is known for his boisterous online weather forecasts.  Frankie posts his videos to his YouTube channel, where they have received millions of views.  His weather report videos include warnings for his home province of Nova Scotia, a snowstorm in Winnipeg, heavy rainfall in Vancouver, and storms around the world.  He has published over 1,200 videos on YouTube, mostly weather forecasts, but also competitive eating and how to properly shovel snow.

I'd never watched any of Frankie's videos but I've heard my sister, who lives in Halifax, NS, mention him.  It sounds like he is a celebrity "back home".  She borrowed his book and I thought I'd read it to find out more about Frankie.

I thought this book was interesting.  It's more of a biography about Frankie and his family, his challenges being autistic, having a photographic memory and more.  There are snippets about weather facts throughout.

It's a quick read as it's a short book.  It is written a level that a child, those who are child-like and even adults will like.

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