Tuesday 16 October 2018

Book ~ "Homer and the Holiday Miracle: A True Story" (2018) Gwen Cooper

From Goodreads ~ Fifteen years earlier, doctors had warned that Homer - a tiny, sightless kitten - was unlikely to survive and probably wouldn’t have much of a life even if he did. Miraculously and against all the odds, however, Homer grew into a feline dynamo who scaled seven-foot bookcases with ease, saved his human mom’s life when he chased a late-night burglar from their apartment, and rose to global fame - paving the way for other special-needs animals once considered “unadoptable.”

Now, only two weeks before Christmas, with doctors once again decreeing that Homer didn’t have much time - that he wouldn’t even make it to Christmas Eve - Homer showed everyone that he still had one more miracle left in him. The heroic blind cat proved again, once and for all, that hope and love aren’t things you see with your eyes. You see them with your heart. 

Gwen Cooper has written books about her five cats ... Scarlet, Vashti, Homer, Clayton and Fanny.  This one is focused on Homer.

She already had Scarlet and Vashti when she heard about Homer, a blind kitten.  No one wanted so adopted him.  Despite being blind, Homer had a fun and active life.  Just before Christmas, they discovered that Homer was having liver issues and wasn't expected to live past a few weeks.  Gwen and Laurence, her husband, prepared for the worst.  But Homer surprised everyone and lived another nine months.

I like reading stories about animals and that's why this one caught my eye.  I liked the writing style and could relate to this story.  Two years ago, we discovered that our 13-year-old tabby, Morgan, had stomach cancer.  The vet said he had a couple weeks left but he lived another five months.  Like Gwen, we considered every extra day with him as an unexpected gift and tried to make them the best for him.

I look forward to reading more books by this author.

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