Wednesday 26 September 2018

Hôtel Monville, Montreal, QC

I was in Montreal on Monday until today and spent Monday and last night at Hotel Monville, which apparently just opened in June.

There is a room service robot

There is a terrace on the 20th floor ... here are the views.

Here was my room ... it was about $260/night.

The bed was comfy
The shower and toilet were in one room
and the sink across from them

My room was small but functional.  The blinds were power controlled with a switch on the wall.  The coffee maker was a Nespresso.  WIFI was included (up to six devices a day) and was speedy.  There was a mini fridge and an in-closet safe.

There was a thermostat on the wall and though I had it turned down to 68F, I found the room a bit stuffy at night ... I couldn't kick off the blankets at night and just have a sheet on me because there was no sheet, just a duvet.

There was no alarm clock.  I asked the housekeeping supervisor about that and he said I could set the alarm using the TV (the TV could do a lot) but I wasn't able to figure it out.  I ended up using my cell phone as my alarm, which was fine, but in the middle of the night it's nice to be able to glance over at a clock to know what time it is.

Though the TV was cool and seemed to have a lot of functions, the remote control didn't work very well, which was annoying.

I had requested a late check-out and was "approved" until 1pm.  When I tried to get into my room about 12:30pm, though, my key pass had been disabled.  Huh?!

The hotel is within walking distance from St. Catherine Street where there is lots of shopping and restaurants and also Old Montreal.

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