Thursday 6 September 2018

Book ~ "Unqualified" (2017) Anna Faris

From Goodreads ~ Anna Faris has advice for you. And it's great advice because she's been through it all and she wants to tell you what she's learned. 

Her comic memoir and first book, "Unqualified", will share Anna's candid, sympathetic and entertaining stories of love lost and won. Part memoir, part humorous, unflinching advice from her hit podcast "Anna Faris Is Unqualified", the book will reveal Anna's unique take on how to navigate the bizarre, chaotic, and worthwhile adventure of finding love. 

I like reading bios/autobios and this one looked like a fun read.  Anna Faris is an actress in movies such as Scary MovieLost in Translation, Brokeback MountainThe Hot Chick and The House Bunny.  She is currently in the sitcom Mom (which I've never watched).  She has had an advice podcast since last year.

This book is part memoir/part advice.  She talks about her life ... her childhood, teen years, her spouses, her career, her son and more.  Some of the chapters are taken from her podcast, which I've never listened to and didn't interest me all that much (mostly lists and "what would you do if ...", etc.).  There were also chapters taken from people posting comments on FaceBook and from conversations she's had with people.  As a head's up, there is a swearing and at times TMI.

I'm not a big fan of Anna Faris ... I've seen a few things she's been in and she seems like a nice person, and I'm sure she is.  I really wanted to like this book but I found it kind of scattered and boring.  Though I wasn't crazy about the book, I'm sure her fans would enjoy it more.

When she wrote to book, she was still married to Chris Pratt.  They broke up around the time the book came out so it was kind of weird to be reading about all the love love love between them and what a great marriage they have/had.

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