Thursday 22 June 2017

Book ~ "Enforcing the Paw" (2017) Diane Kelly

From Goodreads ~ When a case of he-said/she-said turns criminal, it s up to Megan Luz and her devoted K-9 to dig for the truth.

When relationships go south, some people just can't or won't let go. When Fort Worth Police Officer Megan Luz and her pawed partner, Brigit, investigate a series of stalking incidents involving a couple who recently broke up, their detective powers are put to the test. Is this a case of a controlling creep who refuses to accept rejection or one about a woman scorned whose fury has been unleashed? 

As hostilities escalate between the former lovers, the situation goes from romantically dysfunctional to downright dangerous. He insists his former flame has become a crazy ex-girlfriend intent on vengeance. She alleges that he is a master of manipulation and lays blame entirely at his feet. Who s the culprit and who s the victim? Can Megan and Brigit sniff out the truth ... before somebody ends up dead?

Megan is a police officer in Fort Worth, Texas.  Her partner is Brigit, a German Shepherd.  The majority of their job is patrolling the streets and responding to calls.

They get a call from Adriana that someone has thrown a brick through one of her windows and she suspects it was her ex-boyfriend, Ryan, because he hasn't gotten over their break-up.  When Megan goes to Ryan's apartment, she discovers evidence that makes her suspect that it was indeed Ryan.  But Ryan says it's Adriana who is the crazy one and is trying to frame him.  Both make a strong case and Megan doesn't know who to believe.  As things happen and the situation escalates, Megan bounces back and forth thinking it could be either one of them.

In the meantime, Megan and Brigit are also trying to track down a thief who disguises himself in hospital garb, robs convenience and gas stations and only steals grape suckers.

I've read many books by this author and I liked this one.  Though it's the sixth in the Paw Enforcement series, it can work as a stand alone and you don't have to read the others to know what's going on (there is enough background provided).

I liked the writing style ... it was amusing at times.  It is written in first person perspective from Megan's point of view and third person perspective from Brigit's point of view (which is funny) and the Devoted One's perspective.  As a head's up, there is swearing.

I like Megan.  She's gotten more confident as time goes on.  Brigit's funny and likeable and it's fun to get into her head.  Though she is a trained police dog, she can be naughty when she wants to be (especially if there are treats or squirrels involved).

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