Tuesday 12 April 2016

Licken Chicken, Toronto, ON

I had lunch today at Licken Chicken on Danforth Avenue (east of Donlands Avenue).

There must be a school nearby because as soon as I got there about ten loud swearing obnoxious boys (about 13-years-old) arrived.  Thankfully they were in and out in about 20 minutes.

That's quite a boast!

I ordered the three piece Real Meal.  I asked what the difference between the dinner and combo was but I didn't understand what the cashier was trying to tell me ... and she probably didn't understand what I was asking (English wasn't her first language).  So I ordered the three piece Real Meal combo.  It was freshly made for me so took about 20 minutes.

The cost with a pop (they only had Coke and Orange Crush) was $7 even including tax (they only take cash).  So this had me puzzled considering the cost of the meal was $7.49 before tax and I don't know if the combo included the pop or not.

What I received was a box of fries and a box with four pieces of chicken.  Huh?

The fries were okay, nothing special.  The chicken is halal and was hot and juicy.  The pieces were a good size.  The battered skin didn't have a lot of taste but it was crunchy.  The chicken was good but not the world's best chicken, as they claim.

The cashier was friendly and chatty, though I didn't really know what she was saying.

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LeeAnn said...

this place has the worlds best chicken http://www.annamaes.ca/
try it if you are that way ( it is broasted which is a special process) for work - it is all home-style - the mashed potatoes are amazing and they have about 20 home made pies - our group went here in January and it was deelish1