Friday 1 April 2016

Canada's First Ladies Craft Beer Festival, Toronto, ON

Tonight the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies hosted Canada's First Ladies Craft Beer Festival (no boys allowed!) at the Evergreen Brick Works.

Tickets were $30 and included a 5oz commemorative sample glass, four drink tokens and a morning after gift.

Additional sample beer tokens are $1.50 each for four ounces.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Women's Foundation.  There were close to 800 tickets sold (about 500 were sold in the first 36 hours after they went on sale!).

Shuttle buses were available for an extra $5 and travelled between Broadview Station and Evergreen Brick Works from 6:30pm to 1:30am every 20-30 minutes.  Very efficient!

I met my friends, Darlene and Christine, on the first bus at 6:30pm.  We met up with my friend, Denyse, and her friends in line.

Evergreen Brick Works is a cool spot.  There was a covered area and an outdoor area.  There were picnic tables, Muskoka chairs and fire pits throughout.  Here are some pictures throughout the night as it got busier.

Here are the beers I had ...

Lager from Woodhouse Brewing Co.
Sweetgrass Golden Ale
Against the Grain Lager from High Brewery (my fav of the night)
I found the Abattoir (a Brett Farmhouse) from
Blood Brothers a bit strong tasting
I didn't like the Vermont Blonde from Folly Brewpub ...
Darlene did so drank it for me

There were a couple food trucks.

I had a Cheddar Chimney.

Denyse got one with Nutella and had chocolate on her nose and hands.  Ha!

You could buy some swag like scarfs, teeshirts, caps, glasses, etc.

I bought a tall glass for $10

There were other vendors selling jams, beer making kits, etc.

And here we are ...

Christine, Darlene and I
Me and Denyse

Magenta, one of the Society's ladies, gave a "girl power" speech around 10:30pm and thanked everyone for coming.

Everyone received a morning after gift as they were leaving.

It was a fun beer festival and I hope they organize it again.  There were a lot of people but it never felt crowded.  The line-ups to get beer were small or non-existent.  And because it was a ladies event, we could use the men's and the women's washrooms so we were in and out quickly.

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